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Business Architecture

Industry technology solutions are changing at a rapid pace. Disruptive technologies are causing reactionary decisions on both the operator and supplier sides. Suppliers are driving products to market quickly, often pushed to meet operator timelines, which results in failed initiatives  for both parties. These rapid changes require a different model from the traditional approach toward how we engage, within our organizations and with our suppliers.  S3 fundamentally wants to improve how our industry operates. We aim to provide an abstract representation of an enterprise or SMB and the business environment in which it operates. We enable actionable and successful business outcomes through a structured engagement process with measurable results. 

Commercial Assistance

Selecting the right licensing structure is the first step toward maintaining compliance in your organization. There are an increasing number of options and picking the one that meshes best with the enterprise's software asset capabilities is critical. Left unrestricted, a vendor may write as many license right restrictions as possible, such as precluding an outsources use of the software, geographical limitations, and sub-licensing bans. It is important that you choose a team that can assist you in licensing and contract review for your organization. We are skilled at working alongside your legal teams to provide you the best support during contract negotiations or in preparation for an audit. 

Growth and GTM Strategy

We have extensive experience  building profitable sales and marketing channels.  We have spent many years in vendor management  along with product and system integration.  Our team has experience with unique  localization requirements and laws that surround software procurement and deployment  when expanding abroad.  Having resources that have experience in developing international agreements that leverage strong long-term commercial partnerships will enable faster growth.

Fundraising Assistance

Often our clients require additional capital in order to expand. S3 works with a team of outside Banking and Private Equity companies that can assist in this important process. We provide the necessary tools and framework needed in developing your plan, finding target companies, investors and navigating the entire process. We work with a variety of skilled resources in the vertical that have spent their careers in evaluating financing proposals, managing the due diligence process and ultimately closing deals.

Investment Due Diligence 

Our team provides investors the needed work required to ensure they are making sound investment decisions in the space.  Many investors invest in the space without fully understanding how Brands procure in the market. Often misunderstand the complex archaic infrastructure that exists that impedes technology advancement.    From commercial to product review, our experts can help you evaluate the suppliers plan and provide assistance where needed in the process. 

Licensed Business Brokers

Our industry is on the verge of some substantial changes and it seems like every day we are hearing about more and more acquisitions within the brands and their suppliers. Acquiring other companies can be an effective strategy for expanding your business. Our team can help you develop your business acquisition criteria and identify companies that fit your criteria. We will help you make the initial contact with the owners and collect information about the targeted companies. We will also work with your legal, accounting and financial advisers to evaluate the companies and assist you with tips on negotiating these transactions and structuring the details of offers to present to the owners.

Selling and Divestiture 

Selling Your Business requires working with the right broker that understands how to provide the best valuation to maximize your return rate. This process requires strong negotiation skills, knowledge,  and an experienced team to advisers to provide you the most lucrative outcome. Identifying the right buyer at the right time is critical.  S3’s qualified advisers specialize in selling businesses in the retail, hospitality and travel markets. We have solid relationships with strategic buyers around the world. This allows our clients to maximize the potential of a timely and successful business sale or acquisition. We carefully identify the market value of your company and provide you with options for a range of transaction strategies. Our industry resources will provide you with clear counsel and the needed insight to make these critical business decisions.